Data Protection & Privacy

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Data protection is an evergreen topic, even if it is usually only a stepmotherly existence in organisations. Data protection only works if the combination of law, organisation and technology fits together. One very important element is information governance. Without sufficient knowledge of the data in the company, neither security nor data protection problems can be solved.

Years ago we set ourselves the goal to approach data protection pragmatically and to work solution-oriented. Together with colleagues from Mission 100, we are working on practice-oriented data protection concepts and solutions in Germany.

GDPR has a major impact on many organisations, however, the panic mode initiated by many so called “experts” is beyond any reason and it should be made clear that the impact of the GDPR is in most cases small.

To find out what your current position is, we¬† offer the service “Data Protection Conformity Assessment according to DSGVO” , a GDPR maturity assessment and pentesting offer.

New: Privacy Pentesting and Social Engineering!

We will test your GDPR readiness. Similar to ethical hackers, we test your reaction patterns, organization and infrastructure for their conformity with the GDPR rules that will apply from May 2018.