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Dr. iur. Bruno Wildhaber CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CIP

I have been involved in information and information technology for over 30 years. My training profile caused every headhunter to despair, because I completed a law degree in addition to my basic training as an electronics technician, was a thoroughbred computer scientist at Sperry Univac, among other things managed a consulting team at one of the first Internet security companies in Europe as a partner and worked as an IT auditor and company manager as well as association president. I can even say that I also participated in a company crash and fortunately I am also involved in successful companies. Research was also a topic, among others I worked for SEMPER, an EU pioneer project with the meaningful title “Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe”. I am a board member of Compass Security AG and have accompanied the company since its foundation. Today Compass is the market leader in the ethical hacking and pentesting market and is also active internationally.

Academic titles and diplomas say little about a person’s performance. The longer I think about it, the more I think that the broadest possible understanding of companies and their culture, strategy, challenges and opportunities is more important than detailed technical knowledge. Although the latter is very helpful at certain points, projects and plans hardly ever fail because of technology or the defectiveness of products – it is the weaknesses of each individual that cause the problems.

My professional backpack consists of everything that has to do with IT and the necessary procedures. However, as a generalist I am management oriented and try to understand the technical implications, but above all I believe that the maturity of most IT organizations is not yet at the level it should be. For this reason, I increasingly use my knowledge on boards of directors and am involved as a speaker (and graduate) at the Swiss Board School.

As a hobbyhorse I have always taken care of the subject of digital signatures and have first introduced them into a Swiss law (GeBüV). As a member of the expert commission, I also played a major role in shaping the GeBüV. I still follow data protection with interest today and write expert opinions and articles. As a member of Mission100, I am committed to the sensible handling of data protection and its implementation. As an accredited data protection expert at the Independent State Centre for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein, I am also familiar with European positions.

I am a partner and managing partner of KRM.

My most hated term is “Best Practice” – or freely after Dilbert “When everyone does Best Practice, everyone is only mediocre”. There will always be a market leader – and he certainly doesn’t do best practice.

Further memberships and diplomas: Auditor ISO27001/15489/MoReq / data protection expert at the Data Protection Centre Schleswig Holstein/ AIIM Professional Member

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