November 2018

GDPR Misconception No. 8: The FUD principles work

Translated with What have they threatened with these high fines? Although the FUD principles (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) might work in some cases, I strongly believe it won’t have a big impact here.Of course, a law that is supposed to be effective also needs a corresponding catalogue of penalties. But there are worlds between intent and simple negligence when it comes to data protection. I maintain that all companies has reached 100’000 Users

Monday 29.10.2018 : The Cyber Security Education and Training platform has reached 100’000 Users – Congrats!! What is Hacking-Lab? Hacking-Lab is an online ethical hacking, computer network and security challenge platform, dedicated to finding and educating cyber security talents. Furthermore, Hacking-Lab is providing the CTF and mission style challenges for the European Cyber Security Challenge with Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Romania and provides free OWASP TOP 10 online

GDPR Misconception No. 9: Everybody is a Processor

Translated with The EU legislator has allowed itself a disservice with the definition, or rather “non-definition”, of the term “processing”. Why is this so important? As soon as a data controller transfers data in any form to a third party for processing, he or she must impose on the third party the obligations that he or she has assumed. That seems plausible, but the devil is also in the

GDPR Misconception No. 10: Privacy will have an impact on technology

Note: This is an automatic translation by With the principles of “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” the legislator tries to create facts by propagating technologies that are data protection friendly. Technologies are generally not data protection-friendly or data protection-unfriendly. The best example is the drones: It is unavoidable that drones could interfere with the general use of airspace and thus potentially the privacy of many citizens. Of

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